Write an essay

Most students are always apprehensive when it comes to writing essays. This academic assignment is not inevitable since its an effective way of a tutor to assess the students writing skills and understanding on a certain topic.  Having knowledge on how to write an essay plays a big role towards your success. Essays are multifarious, and need numerous different actions and steps. 

              1. Conduct your Research  

This is the first task to do in learning how to write an essay. After you are assigned a topic or choose a topic; you will require to collect data, information for  the topic. The web is an fantabulous way to access virtually any information; however you have to  cite properly to  avoid plagiarizing. The college library is an  efficient, and  resourceful source of information.   Research is significant for devising your essay. The better the  research you conduct, the quicker the speed in which you will write your essay.  Cogitating and writing down your ideas as they come serves as an satisfactory research technique.

2. Make an Outline 


The outline  which is clear and concise will  provide order  for your essay. Numerous students do not normally have sufficient time, and writing an outline will really assist you avoid disorder  in your written expressions. Essays are expected to contain  three major elements which are: the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. A well formatted outline enables you to articulate ideas effortlessly through the essay writing process.  


              3. Start the Introduction


              Upon starting your introduction, think of  how you will write to capture the reader’s attention. Have a variety of questions, quotes, and facts ,which are useful tools in developing this critical process.  Apart from getting  the reader’s attention you should also put forward the aim of the essay. Stating a thesis statement is important as it informs the audience of your standpoint on the topic being written about. 

Numerous students panic at the mention of the words thesis statement.  Just keep in mind that it should be  simple, efficacious and to the point!  A good thesis can dictate the tone for the entire of your paper. After the thesis, there are three major ideas that will argue, back up and establish your position.  These subject matter will constitute the best part of your paper; this is the body of the essay. A concluded essay will contain an intro, a three paragraph body for backing up your thesis,  and the conclusion paragraph

4. Body


  The body of the essay is the outline of the whole essay. A new paragraph should discuss each idea within the body.  At the start of your paragraph make use of  a topic sentence. It builds up the setting and direction for the content  of the paragraph.  It’s important to ascertain your facts within the paragraph concur with your topic sentence; thus ensuring a professional, concise, and relevant writing.  Affirming statements of the topic sentence must be interrelated. Use concluding sentences which are changeovers that allude to your next paragraph’s topic sentence.


   5. Conclusion


  This is the final step in completing your essay.  A reiterating the thesis statement is what constitutes up your conclusion. This should be  followed immediately by a summary of your argument. Call to action statements  can be used. Your call to action is your  own remark that invokes opinion, positions or conclusions relevant to the essay. 

        Following this bit-by-bit process is vital in your process of writing better essay.  This prior information is a convention for prosperous essay writing, and will beyond any doubt assist you if you observe the above listed structure.      

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