Anti-Semitism Essay Writing

Anti-Semitism is a generally refers those individuals who are totally against communities of Jewish descent. The word became very popular during and after the Holocaust. Even though this discriminatory word became common during this era it was not a unfamiliar word for Jews. History reveals well that the word anti-Semitism had been used since the reign of early Romans and Greeks.  In fact the  name Jew originated from the word the name of one of the twelve tribes of ancient Israel; Judah.

Prior to their scattering all over all parts of the world, these tribes were oppressed by the Greeks and Romans.  It is said that inhabitants in the areas where they settled called them “the others”. They were criticized so much because they lacked a common religion.

One of the most heinous despots to ever live on earth was Adolf  Hitler (1889-1945).In his reign he accelerated the negative thinking towards the Jews. He  falsely claimed the Jewish people were responsible for the financial hardship of Germany. Hitler gained support from the German people, and things only got worse as he orchestrated the wildest tortures and massacre in the history of mankind.  Some of the German non-supporters assisted the Jews escape Holocaust by hiding them in their own homes.3.5 million Jewish people lost their lives in Holocaust despite the strong efforts of non-supporters.

Joseph Stalin, a Russian Dictator during Hitler’s rule, was one of Hitler’s cronies. He was initially a supporter of Jews and had employed several into the Russia government. He was compelled to sacking all government workforce that were of Jews descent, then again denied them the right to their religion. The Jewish then  led to an irruption of terrorism towards the Russian government agents. Most of the Russian Jews wished to  leave Russia since the Jewish religion had been abolished. Their call for to emigration was denied.

Immediately after the Holocaust and especially during Stalin’s repression in Russia most of the Jews from were allowed emigration to the U.S. mainly for the reason of liberty of religion. This event made the American people so much concerned and highly threatened on the over abundant amount of Jewish flocking in.

However, they did not escape discrimination from some Americans in the communities they lived especially the KKK or Skinheads . The KKK were involved in killing a Jew if they had established that the person had committed a crime. Attaching detest notes to rocks and throwing them through the windows of Jewish homes was not uncommon. Even American teenagers were also involved into the acts of violence by destroying the homes of Jewish households.

      This discrimination still exists  in the modern day America. Some radicals will always think their lifestyle is better than others, courtesy of the freedom of religion and hence resulting in hatred.

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