Annotated Bibliography

An annotated bibliography is usually the last thing to write in an assignment and it generally consists of a description of the sources used. All tutors demand annotated bibliographies in term papers and essays to assess how the sources were used.Some instructors may require the annotated bibliography written first, as a prelude research for the assignment paper to be written. Writing annotated bibliographies is course cumbersome and time consuming.

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Sample of an Annotated Bibliography

A sample of a single source from an annotated bibliography, demonstrating how it depicts the source and then how the source can ultimately be used in the term paper:

An Annotated Bibliography for an essay on Why Marijuana Should Be Legal):

    Moffott, M. (2009). “Should governments legalize and tax marijuana?” Economics. Retrieved on June 2, 2009 from

According to Moffott(2009),the price of the drug war is high. Nevertheless, the price of producing Cannabis sativa is relatively low. If nations were involved in the making of marijuana,  it would produce a new drug that could be taxed, hence resulting in more revenue. It will most likely bring on board new clients, as the public would want to consume the drug once it is lawful.

Furthermore, all of the revenue currently being used up to take into custody marijuana dealers could then be diverted to other government projects. In this way, legitimating  of marijuana would both be economical  and also increase the government revenue.

This piece of writing can be included in the paper to demonstrate why marijuana should be legally recognized, and how that may eventually be beneficial  for the economy. It is of great help in demonstrating a practical basis why marijuana should be made legal.   Order your Annotated Bibliography from $13

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