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The costs of custom papers

Price dependencies

The price for each assignment is based on several factors including:

  • Academic Level school, college, Bachelor, Master etc.
  • Number of pages
  • Urgency How fast the paper is required

What you get

When you order an essay, research paper, Thesis at EssayWritingCompany you get more than just academic papers. We deliver high quality custom papers that are thorughly researched. Our writing service gives you an opportunity to purchase academic papers that are truly original and non-plagiarized

The prices for the papers per page are as follows:

Deadline College/ Undergraduate Masters PhD/ Specialized
14 Days $ 34.99 $ 38.99 $ 42.99
7 Days $ 37.99 $ 44.99 $ 47.99
24 Hours $ 59.99 $ 64.99 $ 76.99

Our prices are set to the industry standards. This enables us to hire native American writers. We handle a wide range of assignments from high school essays to Masters theses, from personal letters to book reviews. The price quote for each assignment is therefore based on the urgency of an assignment, academic level and the number of pages.

If you include necessary data and complete your order properly, it will make the work of our writer much easier and efficient. A clearly specified order is more likely to recieve a paper that fits all requirements. You should keep that in mind while contacting us. We are very flexible, and will discuss each assignment on a personal basis. Above all, we value communication. If you help us, we wiil help you, and the benefit will of course be mutual

Reasonable Prices

Low Prices ≡ Low quality writing We do not claim to have the lowest prices. High quality original papers are not cheap! We ensure satisfaction guarantee on all custom papers by balancing fair prices and quality custom writing.

Original Writing and Quality Makes the Difference

We review each writer to meet our strict original writing standards. Your order is 100% written from scratch. Zero copy Pasted content. Plagiarism is a crime and we therefore do not tolerate it.

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